Mcdon Peat Casing Soil

Phase IV

The previously well compacted compost layer in Phase III, with 25cm of depth, will be covered with a layer of casing soil (C.S.) 4 to 5 cm thick.

The functions of the C.S. are to:

-> Provide water for the growth and development of mycelium and mushrooms.

-> Guarantee a soft level of evaporation, in order to maintain the desired levels of humidity in the farming room.

-> Protect the surface of the compost from severe dehydration, and the consequent loss of metabolic products that will be needed later.

-> Create a proper environment for both bacteria and mycelium, which are crucial for fructification, to develop.

-> Assure a low osmotic value environment. The compost is rich in nutrients and has a high osmotic value to produce a substantial quantity of mushrooms. The C.S. should have low levels of nutrients, so that no unwanted micro organisms are formed; such as, a high concentration of inorganic salts that conduct to excessively high osmotic pressure and a reduction in the compost productivity.